young asian man in sexy underwear gives a blow job to his girlfriend

James, a young Asian man, was no stranger to sex. He had it down to an art form, especially when wearing his favorite pair of sexy underwear. Today, he waited for his girlfriend to arrive, ready to surprise her with his most seductive moves. He knew she wouldn't be able to resist his charms in his skimpy, tight underwear. He started to imagine her reaction as he sat on the bed. The anticipation of her touch was like an electric current between his legs. When she did arrive, his eyes lit up as she began to undress and before she could finish, he had pulled her onto him. He wanted her to feel his every breath, his heart racing against hers, the texture and tightness of his underwear pressing against her. James then began gently caressing her and exploring her pleasure zones. Eventually he worked his way down her body, caressing her thighs until he finally came to her most sensitive spot. He then began working his lips around it, giving her an intense pleasure that seemed as though he would never stop.

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