woman's butt hole fucked while laying down on a bed

She laid down on the bed with her back against the mattress. Feeling his fingers slide down her back, her mind quickly filled with anticipation. His warm hand caressed the small of her back before reaching her butt hole. Without hesitation, he parted her cheeks as the warm feeling rushed through her body. His pubic bone pressed firmly against her buttocks. Inch by inch, he entered her, her body pressing against the bed with each thrust. She moaned with pleasure as the intensity gradually increased. With each thrust of his hips, she felt herself get closer to the edge. His fingers squeezed her tight as her orgasm quickly approached. Finally, after a few intense moments, her pleasure reached it's peak and she let out a satisfied groan. He kissed her neck and slowly slipped out. The feeling of him leaving her body sent one last wave of pleasure through her as she lay there, exhausted.

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