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He wanted it, so did she. His hands slowly moved up from her hips to her soft ass. She moaned in anticipation, as his touch sent waves of pleasure coursing through her. His mouth found her neck as his hands helped her onto the bed. He positioned her so that her ass was facing him, ready for his touch. His fingers explored her curves, teasing her and building anticipation. She gasped as he plunged deep inside her. His thrusts were strong and powerful, her cries of pleasure intensifying with each one. He was relentless, pleasure coursing through her as she rode his waves of pleasure. His hands harshly spanked her ass, the pleasure temporarily unbearable before he increased his thrusts. His movements were wild and passionate as he forced her closer to the edge. Her senses went wild as she came in a glorious orgasm. Her naked ass quivering from the intense pleasure.

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