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The afternoon sun draped its magnificent light on the two of them as they felt the warmth bathe their naked bodies. They embraced while facing each other, their curves perfectly melted together, and their lips locked. They had been waiting for this moment, both of them knowing what was to come next. Their partners stepped closer and started to explore the delicate curves of their asian figures. Despite the nudity, their partners seemed unable to keep their hands to themselves. The two women felt the delightful sensation of pleasure fill them as their partners caressed every single part of their bodies, their every nerve alive and wanting more. Finally, the time had come and the two asian women felt their partners energy swell inside of them. His thrusts drove deep, pushing them to the brink of pleasure until their cries of joy echoed sweetly throughout the room. As they lay blissfully in each other's arms, the two knew that they would never tire of making love.

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