two asian girls with a man in his pants

The two beautiful Asian girls were mesmerized as they stood there, gazing at the man standing before them. His pants hung off his waist, revealing his taut, muscular frame. The one with jet black hair stepped closer, her eyes glittering with desire. She slowly trailed her fingers across his chest, feeling the heat radiating from his body. The other girl, with smooth mocha skin, stepped forward too. She laced her hands around his neck, pulling him closer. He could feel the heat of their bodies pressing against him. His heart raced a million miles a minute. His Asian goddesses - Heaven in the flesh. The man with pants dropped to the floor, their mouths meeting in a passionate embrace. His hands traveled across their delicate curves as they explored each other’s bodies. Time came to a standstill as the three of them fell into a blissful state of ecstasy. The two Asian beauties had taken his breath away, granted his every wish. He would never forget this moment.

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