three beautiful indian women taking a nap

The afternoon sun shone through the sanctuary of the temple as three beautiful Indian women reclined against the marble floor together. Their voluptuous curves glistened with sweat as they shared deep, slow breaths, luxuriating in the drowsy heat. As they let their eyelids drop heavy with rest, their mind filled with velvet dreams of desire. In their dreams, their skin tangled together in a blissful union. They felt the smooth, warm embrace of each other, their heated sighs filled the air. Their lithe arms and legs intertwined until nothing seperated them. Nothing but pleasure. Their lips found each other in a sublime kiss, time slides away into nothingness. They felt themselves rising higher and higher on a peak of passion, until finally they exhaled in a contented sigh which melted into the balmy air. The three women lay entwined with each other, in a peaceful sleep that brought an intense, erotic pleasure.

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