the two man are fucking and giving the woman a cock

The two men met in the bedroom of the woman they both desired. She lay on the bed between them, eagerly awaiting their combined affections. Their palms caressed her supple curves, as the first man leaned forward to passionately kiss her. His tongue teased her delicate lips while his strong hands explored her body. The second man took his time teasing her breasts, caressing her nipples with his fingertips as both men prepared her for the pleasure they would soon share. Her moans of anticipation filled the air, as she felt their cocks press against her. Her body tensed in anticipation as they alternated thrusting, the two men giving her pleasure that only they could provide. She gasped in ecstasy, as each man's cock stroked her inner walls, their moans in perfect harmony with her own. The pleasure was intense and the experience unforgettable, as the two men gave her a pleasure she would never forget.

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