the guy has two sexy girls with him while a cock is being used

The guy had his desires fulfilled this evening as he found himself in the presence of two beautiful and sexy girls. He felt a rising excitement as he clearly saw the outlines of the large cock that lay between them. The girls, enthralled by the cock, caressed and licked it sensually. Watching them aroused him even more and he moved closer, touching them as the cock began to fill and expand. He felt their curves against his body as they invited him to join them in this sensual experience. The guy felt aroused as he moved between the girls, feeling their passion as it continued to be aroused. He felt the firm cock pulsating as he explored and savoured every inch of it. His breathing quickened and he felt himself wanting more and more of what these two sexy girls with a cock could offer. He asked them for more and they willingly replied with a passionate moan.

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