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Sally felt her heart race as she walked up the stairs to her favorite Korean restaurant. She had been craving the sexy flavors of a traditional Korean meal for days. But what was supposed to be a simple night out quickly turned into something much more thrilling. Once inside, Sally was taken aback by the sight before her. There was a woman, her skin a rich, dark honey, with a huge ass and a pair of sexy Korean pussy lips. Her curves demanded Sally's attention and she felt herself blushing with desire. Ignoring her embarrassment, Sally took a seat and ordered some food. As she ate, she couldn't help stealing glances of the woman. She fantasized about being with her, kissing her neck, and feeling her huge ass in her hands. When the meal was done, Sally was sure that the woman had sensed her attraction. Trying not to blush, Sally quickly paid the bill and left. All the way home she felt her heart racing. The memory of the woman's sexy Korean pussy and huge ass had taken hold.

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