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A sexy Japanese girl stands in front of the mirror, her naked body revealed in its perfection. She extends her hand to the smooth glass and slides it down her fevered body. With her other hand, she brushes away her lustrous dark hair from her eyes. Her thoughts drift to how she should have her pussy pounded. She knows just how she wants it; slowly and gently. She presses her fingers into her warm flesh and imagines her lover driving deep between her legs. The girl squats down in the shower, using her hands to massage her aroused clitoris. Her plump lips part, allowing her to take in a deep breath. The gentle stroke against her pussy increases and her moans fill the room. She feels her body tighten beneath her lover’s hand as her orgasm nears. As she quivers in pleasure, her hands clench around her lover’s wrists and her sexy Japanese body finally succumbs to the pounding bliss that she craved all along.

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