sakura in her school uniform with ass and feet naked

Sakura was in her school uniform, but her ass and feet were perfectly bare. Every head in the classroom swiveled to gaze at her as she blushed, embarrassed, but also strangely aroused by the attention. She nervously fiddled with her skirt, which barely covered her now. She felt a searing heat between her legs, which only continued to grow as the arousal intensified. Her ass trembled as she made her way to her seat, still very aware of the eyes that trailed behind her. When the bell rang, Sakura eagerly rushed for the exit, intent on finding a private place to relieve some of her pent up desire. She took a few steps outside before noticing a grassy patch, where she promptly removed her skirt, leaving her ass and feet fully exposed to the wind. She closed her eyes and let her hands drift down her body, savoring the sensation of her own skin with each stroke. Sakura sighed in pleasure as pleasure coursed through her body, leaving her with the knowledge that only she could provide her what she needed.

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