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The night was getting hot and heavy, as Jiaozi and Shu Longyi embraced each other passionately. They had been looking forward to this date since they agreed to see each other again—so when Jiaozi finally pulled out a deck of xxx pictures, they both knew what was coming. The couple each took turns flipping through the photos, trying to decide which one to look at together. Jiaozi's hands roamed around Shu Longyi's body hungrily as they ogled the images. Eventually, they decided on one that they both could not resist—they began exchanging intense kisses and as the heat rose, the clothes slowly started to come off. Lingering glances and sinful touches soon found their place on both of the lovers' bodies, and their hunger quickly transformed into an animalistic urge to be together. As they finally reached their peak of pleasure, Jiaozi and Shu Longyi both knew that this night had all started with those xxx pictures.

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