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The Indian lady stood before him, her lithe body glimmering in the soft light of the room. He ran his hands down her slim form, her skin as soft as silk. He could feel her heart rate rising, her breath coming harder than before. With gentle hands, he caressed her curves, the warmth and wetness growing between them. Taking her in his arms, they tumbled down onto the bed, the flimsy mattress creaking beneath them. Eagerly, he explored her depths, his hands and mouth eagerly coaxing out her pleasure. She felt dizzy with anticipation, her nails lightly digging into his back as she writhed beneath him. He moved closer, pushing inside her with one powerful thrust. Her body tensed and trembled as he moved inside her, their flesh melding together as pleasure built slowly and inevitably. Softly he murmured words of comfort and desire as he drove quickly into her heat until he finally shuddered and collapsed on top of her. As they lay still and spent in each other's arms, his last words hung in the air: "Naked Indian lady."

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