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Jenny had all the confidence in the world as she peeled off her clothes one by one in front of her lover. She opened the buttons of her blouse and revealed her large bountiful breasts. His eyes widened in amazement as his hands slowly crept up her body and clasped tightly around her big tits. Jenny loved the way he touched her and she loved the way he looked at her even more. She couldn't help but feel desire pooling inside her. She leaned in, pushing her body against his. His passion and hunger for her was obvious and he lifted he up and carried her to the bed without saying a word. Once she was on the bed, Jenny settled in as her lover fiercely attacked her body with his passionate kisses. Soon they were both overcome with desire and they let their bodies do the talking. Her lover thrust his cock into her and the pleasure flooded through her. With each thrust, her big tits bounced in the perfect harmony and Jenny moaned louder with each passing second. They fucked until sunrise and as the light of day shone through the window, Jenny knew they had just experienced something incredibly special.

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