my sexy friend tara fucks hard

Tara was my sexy friend living on the next street. She had the perfect body and a classic hourglass figure with long, flowing brown hair. From the time I first met her, I was intrigued and excited by what I knew was hidden beneath her clothing; and I was determined to find out. One day my wish came true and Tara and I found ourselves sharing a romantic night together. Her body felt electric as my hands roamed over her curves and smooth skin. I could tell Tara wanted it just as bad as I did – and as we both moaned in pleasure with each thrust, I knew it was going to be good. Tara fucked me so hard, I thought I might collapse from the force of it. The combination of her tight body and hard fucking was truly the ultimate pleasure. Never in my life have I experienced something as intense and amazing as that night with Tara.

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