lady giving a young man an ass and cock

The young man quivered in anticipation as the woman slowly came closer. He felt her hand gently caress his backside as she leaned in and whispered in his ear. All his nerves were heightening as she whispered to him that he was about to receive the most pleasurable gift any young man could ever want - an ass and cock. He felt her hand run down his thighs to his awaiting pleasure. Her skilled hands slowly exploring each inch of his body, he gasped as her hand eventually found its way to the object of his desire. His manhood erupted and quivered in confirmation as she placed it in her mouth. As her warm tongue encircled its entirety, she gently massaged his bottoms. He could barely contain his emotions as the ecstatic pleasure of being worshipped engulfed him. She smiled and looked up into his eyes, as if to confirm he was ready to accept the gift of her love. He nodded with a whisper and, with a wink, she was ready to give his ass and cock the gift of pleasure.

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