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Sasha couldn't believe what she was hearing as her boyfriend talked about the new Japanese jacmike he'd been thinking of buying. He'd heard about the special features the device had - it could even split up the sound of the voices to create an unbelievable effect. Sasha was a bit worried - she'd never had any experience with anything like that, and wasn't quite sure if she was up for it. But her curiosity got the best of her, and she agreed to try it out. The night they got the Japanese jacmike, they spent hours listening to music and talking to each other. Every once in awhile, Sasha heard her own voice split into two, creating an almost heavenly harmony with her partner's. Sasha was pleasantly surprised - and even a bit aroused - by the way the device managed to add such a unique flare to their intimate session. From then on, Sasha and her partner made it a point to use the Japanese jacmike whenever they were together, creating an unforgettable and erotic harmony.

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