indian woman with big nipples taking a cock from her husband

Anjani was an Indian woman blessed with big, succulent nipples that her husband fiercely adored. He treasured her body, longingly caressing her curves, always attentive to her every whim and need. Tonight was no different, except they had taken things much further as the warmth of anticipation had aroused them both to ecstasy. As her husband knelt before her, Anjani felt a damp heat radiating from her nipples. He kissed and teased them gently before giving them a tender suckle. His firm hands then slowly guided her down until his cock was enveloped in her tight depths. She moaned as their bodies found their own rhythm, alternating penetrating thrusts and passionate kisses. The sensation of her husband's big, succulent cock pleasuring her was beyond sublime. Anjani screamed in pleasure and release, grateful for the ecstasy her big nipples had given her.

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