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Drenched in perspiration, the calves of the hot Japanese teen glistened in the soft red hue of the candlelight. Her hair was pulled back, exposing her neck that gleamed from the sweat that was running down her. He was laying behind her, his hands against her soft hips as he slowly began to thrust himself into her. As she gasped in the pleasure, her body trembling from the sensation of being wetly filled, he leaned into her ear and spoke to her in a seductive voice. He asked her if she wanted to keep going, feeling himself move inside of her, as the intensity kept increasing. Gently biting her ear lobe, he started pushing into her harder and harder. Her screams of pleasure kept echoing off the walls of his bedroom, as he fucked her into a powerful orgasm. His hands were pushing her onto him as hard as he could, drilling into her with deep and passionate intensity. Still trembling in pleasure, she lay there breathlessly as the cool air flickered around them. He pulled out from her and slowly leaned down, softly brushing his lips against her forehead. They both lay there, panting in pleasure, in perfect bliss.

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