chinese woman sucking a big dildo and having her pussy licked

The Chinese woman stepped into the room and watched with anticipation as her lover approached with a big dildo in hand. He slowly approached her, lowering the dildo to her mouth and watching as she eagerly sucked it. The vibration of his pleasure coursed through her body, giving her a feeling of excitement and anticipation. He then moved his lips towards her, pushing her back onto the bed. He ran his tongue across her sensitized skin, exploring her body with every pass. He pushed down, focusing on her most intimate area and licking her soft folds. She moaned in pleasure as he sunk his tongue deeper and deeper into her, giving her immense pleasure as he worshiped her. She felt her toes curl and her body shook with pleasure as he teased and toyed with her. He then moved the dildo back to her mouth and as she sucked it, he continued to pleasure her with his tongue, rubbing it against her most sensitive areas. She felt pleasure overtaking her, increasing with every second as she held the dildo in her mouth and loved every moment of it.

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