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The Chinese slut was lying on her partner's bed, with her head close to the edge. She licked her lips as she stared up at his muscular body. He stood above her, swaying his hips as he pulled aside his pants to reveal his hard cock. She wasted no time reaching out to take it in her hands. She started slowly, sensually licking and stroking until he was back to full hardness. Her eyes locked onto his as she took more of him into her mouth, bobbing up and down his shaft in time with her swirling tongue. He groaned with pleasure as she finally deep-throated him. As her movements got faster, he couldn't take it anymore and pulled her up onto her knees. He held her tight against him as he thrust deep and hard into her, the force pushing her forward until she was face-down in the bed. He pounded her in this position, his thick shaft pushing her further onto the mattress with every thrust. Eventually, her partner reached his peak and with one final thrust, he filled her with his cum. The Chinese slut smiled in satisfaction.

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