chinese maid fucking hard in office with 3 guys

A Chinese maid arrived to the office, on an early Monday morning. She was wearing white stockings and a revealing red dress, and the three men in the office immediately took notice. She felt aroused by their piercing gaze, and wanted to fulfill the desires that she saw in their eyes. She started to seductively undress, revealing her soft, creamy skin, while the men watched intently, unable to look away. The maid lay down on the desk and the men eagerly took their positions, each one sliding their hands down her delicate body as they moved in. She felt each of their hard cocks pulsating inside her as they thrust in and out, erratic and deep. Finally, after hours of passionate fucking, she lay there spent and sedated, feeling their combined cum dripping down her tender skin. The Chinese maid had had satisfied the unspoken desires of the three men, and left them wanting more.

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