chinese babe is being taken in the ass

Shen was a young Chinese babe with full curves and alluring emerald eyes. She was often teased for her exotic beauty, but she loved to feel desired. Tonight, however, she was about to take it to a whole new level. He pulled her to him hungrily, wrapping her slender frame in his muscled arms. His hands slowly roamed her, exploring her curves as she felt her aroused over the anticipation of what was about to come. She nervously awaited his next move as he leaned in whispering assent into her ear. His hands then guided her onto her stomach, and she felt her desire heighten as his touch shifted abruptly to her bare behind. He entered her from behind, causing her to moan in pleasure as he filled her in full. His thrusts were deep and tantalizing, as if it were his mission to make her experience the most exquisite pleasure. They continued in this manner until mind and body were equally sated. Together they had found pure ecstasy through being taken in the ass.

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