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Anna was an Asian beauty. She had curves in places she loved and felt confident in. Having moved away from her home country, Anna found acceptance and relative freedom in her new country, without as much of society’s weight of expectations. One night, Anna went out with her friends, all of them curvy, gorgeous girls embracing their Asian heritage. They had a wonderful night dancing and partying. On the way home, Anna decides to take a taxi to get back. The sudden anonymity of being with taxi driver in the dark suddenly awakens an urge in her she never felt before. They make small talk and when he drops her off, he already has his hard cock out ready for her. She straddles him, her large, Asian body licking and rubbing against his. Anna can not contain her own pleasure and cries out as the pressure intensifies. The man’s cock was hard and huge and just as she had dreamed it would feel like – and better. She rode him, hard and fast, until they both reached a shuddering orgasm. Anna stumbles out of the car, blushing with joy and satisfaction.

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