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It was a beautiful summer night and Jen wanted to experience something new. She searched online and found photos of a sexy Asian woman lying on a bed. Her curvaceous body and ample bust exposed excited Jen and she knew she wanted to mimic the pose. Jen carefully positioned herself on the bed and stretched her arms as the Asian woman had done. Her soft and inviting pussy and ass were begging to be touched. She imagined the Asian woman's hands caressing her and the sensation sent a surge of pleasure down her spine. She closed her eyes and envisioned two hands exploring her naked body and giving her an unimaginable pleasure. With her hands firmly planted on her hips, she imagined the anticipation rising before the Asian woman touched her big pussy and ass. Then a gentle whisper filled the room. "You were made for this," the voice said. Jen smiled as her fantasy dissolved and she knew this special moment would be remembered. She had been craving something new and the perfect way to express it was with a sexy Asian pose.

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