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A beautiful Asian lady lay in her bedroom, the afternoon sun casting an inviting glow about the room. She had been feeling frisky, and her hands had found her way underneath the sheets, between her legs. With a deep sigh, she began to suck on her big cock, the delicious taste of her own arousal sending shivers up her spine. Her breath became ragged as her pleasure mounted, and her hips thrust instinctively as if her cock had a mind of its own. Sensation coursed through her body as her lips moved around the hard length, and her eyes fluttered in delight. She explored every inch, sucking and licking as her hunger grew. Releasing a loud groan, she took her cock deep down her throat, her hands rubbing and squeezing around the base. Finally, with one last shudder, she came, her asian ladyhood clenching tightly around her sweet, thick cock. Exhausted, she lay there, sated and satisfied.

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