an asian girl is sucking her mike with cum

Miya was a petite Asian girl with an unquenchable appetite for pleasure. Her secret fantasy was to be filled with pleasure to the brink, and she could only achieve this goal by using her favorite toy. This special toy was a microphone shaped perfectly for her lips, loving caressed by her tongue, and then greedily sucked in. She could almost taste her husband's cum as it coated the inside of the toy with its thick and creamy liquid. Miya loved the feeling of her husband's cum; its warm, salty taste made her entire body quiver with anticipation. She could almost hear the sound of his groaning and feel his body quivering against her as her sucking skills took him closer and closer to bliss. With a sigh of delight, she felt the toy fill with his creamy goodness, and soon it was overflowing with the sweet treat. Miya allowed her fingers to explore every drop of her husband's cum, taking her own pleasure as she softly sucked the microphone until only a small trace remained. She had achieved her deepest desire and could now curl up in bed, knowing she had made sure her husband left satisfied and her own body was craving for another round.

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