a woman in stockings with heels is showing off her big cock

Anya looked in the mirror to admire her outfit, black stockings hugged her curves, emphasizing her long legs that were topped off with a pair of towering stilettos. Taking a deep breath she opened the door, she could feel the eyes fixed on her tight outfit, but she was still confident as she showed off her big cock. The room immediately ignited with shock and admiration, she knew there was something special about her let it be her shapely figure or her big cock. She smiled as the eager glances moved along her body, latching onto the part of her body that she was most proud of. Anya enjoyed the attention, feeling more confident as the night progress. She laughed, arching her hips and wiggling her butt, her stockings and heels hinting at the secret under her clothing. As the night wore on she became the focus of the room, her big cock commanding attention with every movement.

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