a very big, beautiful woman in a white blouse is getting her tits and nipples

The woman had a large body that filled her white blouse perfectly. Her tits were two round mounds, almost overflowing. She moved silently, yet her presence seemed to fill the room. She could feel her nipples hardening against her blouse, most certainly noticeable through the thin fabric. She realized just how beautiful she was, and how attractive her form truly was. She looked in the mirror, admiring her big body and the way her breasts looked almost like two mounts. Her nipples were protruding through her blouse, begging to be touched. She felt a warmth in her body, deliciously aroused by the sight of herself in such lingerie. Her hands moved to her breasts, tracing the curves before finally cupping them firmly. She felt her nipples hardening even more, pushing against her hands in pleasure. She was beautiful and that felt empowering and amazing. She touched her nipples, her big body shuddering from the sensation. It was an incredibly arousing moment to feel so secure and powerful in her own body.

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