a girl sucking cock in her bed while she has big tongue

Lily lay in her bed, her small frame wrapped in a bundle of soft pink sheets. Her eyes were closed, her head thrown back in pleasure while she blatantly sucked away at the enormous cock pressed against her lips. Her big, wet tongue was exploring every inch with the genuine enthusiasm of a lover savoring something sweet. She felt the warmth of his skin and a shiver of pleasure whenever her tongue ran along the length of his shaft. She sucked long and hard, eager to please her partner in every way. His breathing was becoming more and more labored, and he soon let out a guttural moan in sheer delight. Lily knew it was time to switch things up. She released him from her grasp, and with her big tongue she began to trace a wet trail from his tip down to his balls and back up again. His body quivered with pleasure as his hips arched up and his cock bulged harder than before. Lily felt the power of being able to pleasure a man with her big tongue and it made her excited to give him more. She wanted to make sure he was in sheer pleasure and with every lick and every suck she obtained her goal. She kept up her ministrations until he couldn't keep from coming.

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