a chinese man sucking a white guys cock in his bed

The Chinese man lay in his bed, eagerly awaiting the upcoming pleasure. His mind raced as he thought of the white man who would arrive soon, eyes full of lust, and the promise of what they would do in that bed. He heard the white man enter the room, his strides carrying a certain intensity that sent a shiver of anticipation through the Chinese man's body. Without a moment's pause, the white man paused on the bed and the Chinese man licked his full lips, gazing up eagerly. The white man looked down, his gaze sending a wave of pleasure through the Chinese man. Without a word, the white man knelt and moved his lips closer, the Chinese man felt himself sucked and trembled with pleasure as his cock filled the other man's mouth. The sensations kept coming - waves of pleasure as the white man worked his magic. Soon, the Chinese man was left exhausted and trembling, his thoughts and body flooded with pleasure at the memories of the white man sucking him to ecstasy.

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