a beautiful chinese girl plays with her hairy pussy

Wang was a beautiful Chinese girl, with an exotic charm that captivated those around her. Her long raven hair was as delicate and as soft as silk. Every evening She would lay in bed, stroking her hairy pussy, feeling the silky strands of hair between her fingers. Her mind would wander, imagining the possibilities of enjoying herself in such a way. One evening, while she lay there, her mind filled with naughty thoughts, her fingers started exploring further. She was soon at the edge of pure ecstasy as her fingers moved around her wet pussy. Her mouth wide open in pleasure, as she felt the urge to touch herself growing. She parted her legs wider and continued to enjoy her own touch. With her eyes closed, she felt her pussy tingling with pleasure. What she was doing felt so good, so natural. She knew nothing else could compare to the pleasure she felt when she played with her hairy pussy.

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